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Our neighbors at North Point Community Church have recruited, trained and prepared many qualified adults to offer mentoring support to students in both Elementary and Middle schools in metro Atlanta. The program has no religious affiliation, but rather follows a curriculum that is designed to serve students in public settings from many different cultures and backgrounds. Furthermore, the Mentoring curriculum is well-suited to the principles and pillars of Amana Academy and EL Education. Mentorships support and increase the impact of important standards of character and scholarship, including Amana's High Five Habits of Compassion and Courage and EL Design Principles such as the Primacy of Self Discovery and Empathy and Caring. Summaries of the lessons will be provided for follow-up at home if you desire.

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Mentors are fully background checked and trained by North Point Community Church. Mentor sessions are held at Amana, typically 1-2 times per month, during non-academic times. Do you consent to your child meeting with a mentor?
By entering your name below, you are giving the Amana Academy Counseling/Social Work department permission to share the information that you provided with the staff at North Point Community Church (NPCC) to partner your student with a mentor. *Permission can only be granted by the child's parent or legal guardian. Please note that Amana Academy staff will send the referral to NPCC
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