What is Expeditionary STEM Education?

STEM schools are not all the same. That was the message we had for 20 educators who attended our January 25th STEM\\venture Day

We hosted educators from Atlanta Public Schools, Woodward Academy, Belair K8 School (Augusta), and from South Carolina. These leaders are seeking to start STEM programs or to pursue STEM certification for their schools. As a Certified STEM School ourselves, we see an incredible opportunity to share our story of how we use the EL Education model to develop STEM thinking among students as they become 21st-century changemakers! Each school needs to build its program based on their inspiration to match their community and resources.

A few times a year we host STEM\\venture Day for educators and innovators to tour our classrooms and get a behind the scenes look at our unique approach to STEM education. Our next one is March 10th.