On Tuesday, April  23, the inaugural class of FIN Future Techies graduated from the program in which they had participated over the previous 12 weeks.  60 Amana students in grades 5-8 were selected to pilot this groundbreaking program, the first of its kind in Georgia. Parents and community members, including Alpharetta Mayor Jim Gilvin, gathered to celebrate the students’ accomplishments. One participant commented on the uniqueness of this opportunity, saying that often young people aren’t exposed to professional settings with access to engineers and technicians and marketing professionals until late high school or even college.  The fact that students as young as 5th grade are learning from industry experts at the headquarters of a Fortune 500 company like Fiserv is truly remarkable.  

Read below from the Fiserv FIN Future Techies newsletter to learn more about what students experienced and the projects they completed over the course of the program.  


April 30, 2024 | Alpharetta, GA | Fiserv FIN Future Techies Newsletter

Over the past 12 weeks, we’ve seen FINtastic growth in our Alpharetta FIN Future Techies as they took a deep dive into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)!

 From learning what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur to experimenting with augmented reality, Techies discovered a world of possibilities through hands-on learning sessions, led by Fiserv experts and distinguished engineers and Amana teachers. 

Tasked with solving a common societal problem, Techies came up with innovative and unique solutions that incorporated all they learned in their Techie Tracks. Our enthusiastic students created robust projects, complete with websites, apps, branded stickers and more.

The energy in the presentation room was electric, as parents, teachers and Fiserv associates were able to experience the hard work and creativity put forth by our students. By flexing their empathy muscles, sharing unique perspectives and applying their incredible knowledge, Techies inspired new confidence in the next generation of STEAM talent! 

We extend a heartfelt “Congratulations!” to the Alpharetta FIN Future Techies Class of 2024 and a sincere “Thank You” to the parents, teachers and volunteers who helped make this program possible. It’s a pleasure working alongside these remarkable young students, and we look forward to seeing where their creativity and ingenuity will take them next!  

Many of you asked about the video shown at our Showcase Event. CLICK HERE to view or share. You can also access event photos HERE

To all parents, guardians and Amana teachers and staff, thank you for sharing your Techies’ time with us!