Annual International Festival a Huge Success!

On January 12th we celebrated our spectacular diversity with a parade of cultures, performances, home-cooked cuisines, and educational booths.

Amana’s multicultural student body is among the most diverse in Georgia with over 30 languages spoken at home; and we are grateful to our A.L.L. parent organization for going all-out to stage a fun and educational event for the community that represented our diversity.

In the EL Education model, leaders and teachers recognize that they must prepare students for global citizenship in an increasingly complicated and interconnected world and that multilingualism is a key tool and a vital global skill that deepens understanding of other countries and cultures. Curricula that prepare students for global citizenship are cross-disciplinary and include developing knowledge of diverse cultures, languages, and political systems, as well as knowledge of the physical terrains, ecosystems, and natural forces of the planet. Fully integrating global skills and knowledge into the curriculum is tied closely to environmental stewardship and social justice as students are challenged to grapple with the most complex problems facing the world (such as climate change, structures of economic inequities, and international terrorism and conflict). Teachers also ask students to discover and attend to how others see themselves, their histories, and the world’s problems that is, to hear and analyze multiple perspectives along the way to determining what young people can do to make a difference.