Field Studies: Spring 2024 – 4th Grade


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Atlanta History Center: The Price of Freedom – In this tour, students contemplate whether the Civil War was worth the cost to our nation through a variety of activities. Students formulate their own answer to this essential question as they role play as a Civil War soldier in Atlanta History Center’s Turning Point exhibition and make realistic, vital decisions that could affect their character’s life. Moving on to explore the Civil War through the eyes of Enslaved people, students experience the risk some people took to secure their own freedom through the lens of Abolitionists Harriet Jacobs. Later, in an inquiry-based classroom activity, students use critical thinking skills as they examine primary sources to discover why the South seceded from the Union.

  • 4/15/2024 (Off Campus)
  • Cost per student:  $23.27 (covers venue and bus transportation)

The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History: A Nation Divided Examine the causes and consequences of our divided nation during the Civil War. Students start the tour off with a bang as they meet a costumed Civil War soldier interpreter, watch a firing demonstration, and learn about a soldier’s wartime experience with a hands-on living history presentation. Explore the story of the Great Locomotive Chase with a 25-minute movie, and play a choose-your-own-adventure game to see how you would end the story. The guided tour will also include a visit to the famous General steam locomotive, discussions of the Civil War, and an interactive scavenger hunt. 

  • Wednesday, 3/20/2024 (Off Campus)
  • Cost per student: $17.49 (covers venue and bus transportation)

The Teaching Museum: Harriet Tubman – Students learn of the heroic story of Harriet Tubman, who escaped from the bonds of slavery in the summer of 1849. After escaping to freedom, she made 19 trips back to lead other slaves, including her parents, to freedom. She soon became known as the “Moses” of her people. Her trips were carefully planned and brilliantly executed by the use of the “Underground Railroad”, an ever-changing series of secret hiding places. After hearing of the trials and remarkable courage of Harriet Tubman, students will design quilt squares to create a class quilt related to the Underground Railroad. 

  • Tuesday, 2/27/2024: (On Campus)
  • Cost per student: Free

Chattahoochee Nature Center: Amphibian Survival While viewing an amphibian monitoring station, students will examine some of the limiting factors affecting the survival of amphibians, and therefore, the survival of other species in the food web. Each program includes a guided forest hike with a Naturalists and an up-close animal encounter with non-releasable wildlife.

  • Monday, 4/8/2024: (Off Campus)
  • Cost per student: $26.73 (covers venue and bus transportation)

Georgia Bat Working Group – Students learn about Bats and Bat Houses from  a GeorgiaMaster Naturalist.

  • Thursday, 2/1/2024: (On Campus)
  • Cost per student: $2.00 

Supply Fee: $10.00

Total Semester Cost: $79.24