Field Studies: Spring 2024 – 3rd Grade

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Chattahoochee Nature Center – Explore the trails at CNC and discover the many plants and animals that live there. Along the way, we will compare and contrast the survival needs of the organisms we find. Please note, this field study was rescheduled from last semster.

  • Wednesday, 4/10/2024: (Off Campus)
  • Cost per student: N/A (cost was included in fall field study payment)

Roswell Environmental Public Works Environmental Education: Blue Planet  Keep Roswell Beautiful has “The Earth Balloon”, a 22 ft tall and 22 ft wide inflatable classroom that allows a class of 25 students to experience the Earth in a thrilling new way.  The Earth Balloon is made up of satellite images of the Earth and can be used to teach water conservation, habitats, geography, math, time zones, animal and human migrations, map projections, climates, human impact, etc.  As a mobile classroom, the Earth Balloon has found an especially important role in Environmental Education as more and more schools are unable to take fieldtrips. The possibilities are endless.  

  • Tuesday, 3/19/2024 (On Campus)
  • Cost per student: $2.70

Pollution Solution: Dunwoody Nature Center – Pollution affects the air we breathe, the water in our rivers, and the land all around us. Students will participate in hands-on activities and games learning about these pollutants and their effects on the environment. Most importantly the students will identify ways to reduce pollution and its harmful effects.

  • Monday, 2/8/2024 
  • Cost per student: $27.64

Supply Fee: $10.00

Total Semester Cost: $40.34