Field Studies: Spring 2024- Fifth Grade

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Breman Museum – Absence of Humanity: The Holocaust Years.  This permanent exhibition presents a detailed history of the events that led up to the Holocaust, the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis during World War II, and those events that took place in its wake. In this highly informative Holocaust museum exhibition, the narrative of this dark time in human history is put forth in the voices of those who survived and made new lives in Atlanta. 

  • Monday, 2/26/2024 (Off Campus)
  • Cost per student:  $18.00 (covers venue and bus transportation)

The Computer Museum – Space Race and the Rise of Personal Computing. See one of roughly 300 remaining Enigma machines to have survived since WWII, our Award-Winning STEAM Timeline, punch card machines, the BYTE magazine wall, and our Retrogaming area where you can play a game of Pac-Man™ or Donkey Kong™ on a vintage console as well as other games from the 80s.  Have you seen an original Apple I?  We have one, along with a plethora of historic personal computers; mini, mid-range, and mainframe computers, and one of the world’s largest collections of Cray supercomputers.  And just in case that isn’t enough, in our Space exhibit we also have an original Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) and Display Keyboard (DSKY).

  • Wednesday, 5/15/2024 (Off Campus)
  • Cost per student:  $19.00 (covers venue and bus transportation)

Trees Atlanta – Urban Tree Identification. Students will learn the basics of tree identification and then use their knowledge to identify common trees of our urban forest.

  • Tuesday, 4/17/2024, (On Campus – Wills Park)
  • Cost per student: $2.00 (covers venue and bus transportation)

Supply Fee: $10.00

Total Semester Cost: $48.64