Field Studies: Spring 2024 – Kindergarten


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Trees Atlanta offers an extensive variety of youth programming including camps, workshops, family outdoor events, and more to get your kids outdoors and exploring their urban forest. 

  • Wednesday, 2/28/2024: (On-Campus)
  • Cost per student: $5.00

Fulton Teaching Museum: The Secret Stories of Science: Living &Non-Living Stories – Dr. Livy Livingstein, (Mama Kou), tells her story of how she learned the seven characteristics that make a thing Living as oppose to NonLiving. Kiley and Riley, (audience volunteers), are her helpers. They have brought their pets! With the help of other students, they retell stories, sing, chant and participate in a big sorting activity! In the end,students make a huge discovery. 

  • Thursday, 3/7//2024: (Off Campus)
  • Cost per student:  $10.55 (covers venue and bus transportation)

Chatahoochee Nature Center: Trees & PlantsHow does an acorn become an oak tree? Why are some leaves green while others are brown? With the help of a CNC Naturalist, students will study live plants on CNC’s grounds and hypothesize about how they grow and interact with other forms of life.

  • Monday, 3/25/2024: (Off Campus)
  • Cost per student:  $28.00 (covers venue and bus transportation)

Zoo Atlanta: Self guided tour and Tree Top Trail – Zoos play a unique and vital role in today’s complex world of conservation. As global leaders in biodiversity, preservation and drawing upon our animal expertise.  Students enjoy a walk through the zoo, and then  will zig, zag, climb, walk, and balance as they navigate a series of rope ladders, bridges, nets, and tightrope-style foot lines on the  TreeTops Tykes.Trail.

  • Thursday 4/11//2024: (Off Campus)
  • Cost per student: $42.15 (covers venue and bus transportation)

Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Self Guided Tour – Students participate in a self-guided visit to explore the Garden without a guide. Visit includes onsite activities and a scavenger hunt.

  • Wednesday, 5/1/2024: (Off Campus)
  • Cost per student:  $22.45 (covers venue and bus transportation)

    Supply Fee: $10.00

    Total Semester Cost: $118.00