February 2023 Amana West Facilities Update


Update as of 1:22 PM on Wednesday, February 22: Amana Academy’s complaint was filed with the Cobb County Superior Court.

UPDATE AS OF 5:40PM ON FEBRUARY 17: Amana received a request from Cobb County late Friday afternoon and shortly before Amana was preparing to file its lawsuit against Cobb County that Amana delay the filing to provide Cobb County a few additional days to review Amana’s complaint. Given the importance of working collaboratively in the future with Cobb County for the betterment of Cobb families and students, Amana agreed to delay the filing of the lawsuit until next week. Amana believes that Cobb County has held a mistaken view of Amana’s legal status as a public school. Cobb County’s careful review of the complaint presents the opportunity to resolve this matter without the need to resort to litigation.

However, Amana remains confident in its legal position and stands ready to file the lawsuit should Cobb County’s review not result in positive progress.

Amana Academy West Atlanta is seeking legal relief in response to Cobb County’s refusal to permit the school to install three modular classroom buildings necessary for Amana to continue to serve its students on its current campus. Cobb County’s refusal is based on its erroneous and unlawful treatment of Amana as a private developer rather than as a public school.