Amana’s unique implementation is called Expeditionary STEM Education

Amana Academy is proud to be the first Georgia Department of Education K-8 Certified STEM School​​​​​​​ in 2016 and the first to receive this honor at the middle school level in Fulton County Schools.  Recently, in May 2021, the school was recertified by the department of education for another five years.

STEM Education grows out of the idea that interdisciplinary boundaries of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics are permeable. By blending these disciplines, STEM education seeks to create 21st-century learning/skills for students. STEM is a national initiative at the high school level, trickling down to only a handful of middle and elementary schools.

Rather than viewing STEM education in a vacuum, Amana teachers integrate it in creative ways using Expeditionary Learning core practices, and design-thinking methodologies. 

You can learn about our comprehensive STEM programming on our STEM Certification website

Rigorous, Authentic, and Relevant

Our mission for STEM is to provide rigorous, authentic integrated instruction in science, technology, engineering, and math in order to build student understanding and competence in these areas and prepare students for advanced studies in STEM. Students will be exposed to current technology and engaged in the curriculum through appropriate applications of technology. They will meet and exceed state standards in Math and Science by applying these concepts. 

  • At the primary level, students’ critical thinking and natural curiosity of STEM topics are cultivated through Expeditions which offer opportunities for students to find solutions to real problems and make discoveries for themselves.
  • In intermediate and middle school grades, students are engaged in relevant, in-depth problem-solving with an eye toward creating sustainable solutions that protect and preserve the environment and/or improve quality of life throughout the world. 

By building a foundation of respect and real-world contexts through the use of systematic observation, measurement, experiment, and the design thinking process, Amana Academy enriches students with the analytical, technical, and communication skills necessary for successful secondary, post-secondary, and professional endeavors.