Executive Committee / Finance Committee

This Committee focuses on all Human Resources, Administration, Finance, Replication, and Governance matters that pertain to the school.

Board members:
  • Kristina Leidner-Eisenhardt, Executive Committee Chair
  • Ali Elnajjar
  • Kaamilah Chester

For questions, please email Kristina Leidner-Eisenhardt.

Governance Committee

This Committee is focused on the governance aspects of the school. It also is focusing on the Strategic Plan and Board member appointments.

Board members:
  • Zaffar Khan, Committee Chair
  • Misty Fernandez
  • Christina Lennon

For questions, please email Zaffar Khan.

Fund Development Committee

The Fund Development Committee is the fundraising committee for the school. This committee has three branches: Capital Campaign, Grants and Endowments, and Annual Fund.

Committee Chairs:
  • Christina Lennon, Committee Chair
  • Jack Murphy, Assistant Committee Chair
Sub-committee chairs:
  • Colleen Eilola, Squawk & Walk Chair
  • Hisham El Nazer, Marketing Chair
  • Christina Lennon, Foundations Chair
  • Chester Smith
  • Craig Dean
  • Kimberly Landsman
  • Michael Jones (Gwinnett Tech)
  • Sara Ead
  • Sedi FaSenntao
  • Shezmin Sayani
  • Staci Lewis
  • Stan Bastek
  • Niki Fox
  • Ehab Jaleel

For questions, please email Jack Murphy.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is the committee for the school that will look at all academic needs and goals.

Board members:
  • Leslie Jensen-Link, Committee Chair
  • Keona Lewis, Assistant Committee Chair
  • Cher Brister
Other people:
  • Cherisse Campbell
  • Sub-Committee – School Academic leaders

For questions, please email Leslie Jensen-Link.