Amana Students Advance to County Science & Engineering Fair

Amana middle school students presented their Science and Technology Fair projects to a panel of judges last Friday. Topics included Plant Sciences, Chemistry, Game Design, Stop-Motion Animation, and many more. Thank you to our esteemed panel of judges for taking the time to provide valuable feedback to our students, and congratulations to our highest scoring teams!

Talya B and Zara R present their project, “The Science of Baking.”

Our Top Three Science Fair Winners are…
1. The Science of Baking by Talya B. and Zara R.
2. Plant and Fertilizers: Do They Help? by Cameron A.
3. What Foods do Birds Prefer? by Emily C., Ariel S., Claire G.
The top two teams will be going to the county, with our third team serving as an alternate in case the other two teams aren’t able to attend.

Mckenzie F and Averi T present their Audio Production project to judges.

Our Tech Fair Winners from each category are…

Category Top Scored Student
Animation Sean W.
Video Production Agatha O.
Audio Production Averi T. & Mckenzie F.
Internet Applications Palina B. & Lena A.
3D Modeling Zamar E. & Kenneth L.
Multimedia Applications Jaida M.
Graphic Design Khadeeja J.
Game Design Room Ahyan S. & Olivia V.
Robotics Khonzodakhon B.
Device Modification Affan T.