Amana’s 2021 Summer Challenge

Learning doesn’t have to end after the last day of school and we would love for you to join us in this year’s Summer Learning Challenge!  Beginning June 1st, we are encouraging everyone to continue maximizing their personal growth while minimizing summer loss by participating in different challenges including Math, Reading, Writing, Physical Fitness, and Crew.  Join us as we explore the content through multiple lenses! 
Students who are able to complete their challenges will have the opportunity to participate in one of the following celebrations, an Ice Cream Social, prize cart, or the Big Challenge Celebration which will include food, fun, and a movie!


In order to participate in the prize cart, students must submit their Crew Activities.
In order to attend the Ice Cream Social, students must submit their Reading/Writing Journal with all requirements and their Crew activities.   
In order to attend the Big Challenge Celebration, students must complete their math challenge, submit their Reading/Writing Journal with all requirements, and submit their Crew activities.


Challenge Submissions: Here’s the link where students in grades K-8 can share your Family Crew Summer Pictures.  Additional details can be found within each grade level’s challenge. All reading/writing & Crew submissions are due by Friday, Aug.13th. Math completion will be checked on July 23rd