Spring 2021 Learning Plan and NEW Daily Schedules

Below you will find a detailed summary of Amana Academy’s Remote & Face-to-Face learning plan for Spring 2021 semester.

Note: many aspects of this learning plan have already been communicated to parents.

Adjustments to Expect in January:

  1. Class Times and Schedules will look different for both Remote AND Face-to-Face students in Spring. Classes will start earlier and end a bit later. Please make sure you have gone through this Spring Learning Plan and checked your child’s schedule.
  2. Amana will be using a Simultaneous Learning model. This means that teachers will be teaching Face-to-Face students and Remote students at the same time from the school building. Please read Spring Learning Plan for more info.
  3. Each Friday will be Asynchronous. We will be starting Asynchronous Friday’s in Spring to provide teachers the time to prepare high quality lessons. This means there will be no live classes on Friday’s, but students are still expected to complete lessons that can be found on Google Classroom and Seesaw. Face-to-Face students will stay home on Friday’s.
  4. Zoom log-in settings will adjust to increase security and ease of logging in. Amana students will continue to take part in lessons via Zoom. However, we are shifting our school-wide Zoom plan to add ease and security to our online classroom. Starting in January, all students will be required to sign into Zoom using their Amana Academy Google account. Teachers will provide Google credentials if students do not have them. More information will come closer to start of school date.

Important Actions:

Families Returning Back Remotely:
  1. Please read this important Spring Learning Plan. Take note: the daily class schedule for remote learners has changed.
  2.  If you do not have internet at home and your child receives free/reduced lunch or your financial situation has changed and you are in need of home internet, please complete the Wi-Fi Request form.
  3. If you have an Elementary School student, make sure you have attended Materials Pick-Up (see more info in flyer below).
Families Returning Back Face-to-Face:
  1. Please read this important Spring Learning Plan. Take note: the daily class schedule for remote learners has changed.
  2. Please fill out this “Parent Preference for Transportation Form” to let us know how your child will be going home starting in January. ALL F2F families must fill this form out.

Please watch this short, important video covering Amana’s safety protocols.